FILM: Children of Sarajevo

"Rahima (Marija Pikić) is a young woman in her early twenties who lost her parents during the Bosnian conflict. There are hints that she has come through a wayward adolescence, but has found solace renewing her faith in Islam. She becomes determined to set an example for her 14-year-old brother Nedim (Ismir Gagula) and ensure that he doesn’t make the same mistakes she did. Yet the long hours Rahima spends working in a restaurant kitchen mean she can’t constantly monitor what Nedim is up getting up to. When she’s called to Nedim’s school to discover he is being targeted for bullying by the spoilt son of a local politician, Rahima begins to uncover alarming secrets Nedim is keeping.

Aida Begić’s powerful, pertinent drama depicts a generation growing up in a country knowing nothing of stability, struggling to recover from the horrors of recent wars only to suffer during the global economic meltdown.”

Starring Marija Pikić, Ismir Gagula, Nikola Đuričko.